#WECAN MentalHealth Awareness!


    The Relentless Pursuit Of Peace of Mind

Many know the true battle on the inside. Living with mental illness is a lifetime of internal conflict. The war between who we want to be and what we are constantly rages. Fleeting feelings of happiness overwhelmed by ghost emotions of violence, hatred and hopelessness. Conquering an invisible force that is a daily test of your faith in yourself and others. Forcing that smile to try to recreate the happiness you so long for. That aching loneliness even in a group of your closest "friends". When all hope seems lost...

we keep fighting.

We do not allow the evil to consume us, no matter how temping it may be to embrace it.

As much as you want to bury your face in the pillow and sleep forever.

You choose to live on the side of hope above hopelessness.

You choose love over the hatred.

What you once thought was your weakness, you can truly realize how much of a strength it is.
Our emotions are just like rooms, you cannot stay in it forever. The pain is not forever, your strength is.

At Relentless Nature, Mental Health is in the forefront of our mission. Many of the Relentless Nature family and extended family has experienced troubles with their own mental health. The world on the outside seems so uncaring and unaware.

If you cant see the illness, how is it real?

Others believe we have a complete control over these emotions.



I've never really had that many friends growing up, my parents being divorced and living in different cities, makes it even more difficult. My mother and father were always verbally abusive, rarely showing me the care and affection I so longed for. Creating relationships with others is so hard. Always feeling unable to connect. I had been looking for ways to end this miserable existence. No one cared. So why stick around? 
Sitting on the bench outside the library alone like I always did, just kind of looking off into the distance, daydreaming of my plan.
A girl approached me, smiled and asked why I was alone and looking upset.
I didn't tell her the plan, and we talked for a few minutes.
We parted ways, and for the first time I realized that there are amazing people in this world, and there are people who actually care, even about a stranger on a bench.
Hold on, you're never alone. 
-Megan H.
Being bullied since I could remember. I have the occasional difficulty with my speech. 
My mother drank a lot while I was in the womb, which led to some developmental problems with my vocals as well as my brains ability to process information.
To the exterior, I seem like I'm slow, unintelligent, stupid, or disabled. The prolonged pause I take before replying or the way my words jumble, make others see me as inferior.
I am an +A student, I have a passion for writing realistic fiction stories, enjoying nature and I have an extreme interest in history.
I'm done with caring about others opinions of me.
If you are not willing to take the time to see me for who I truly am, and you are willing to judge me based off the way I speak... then it is not worth having you in my life. There will always be people who dont understand you, or think negatively about you. 
BUT! There are also way more positive people who would love a chance to get to know you.
-Justin T.
My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years, that's a lot of history, a lot of memories.
In the beggining, it was clear he had issues coping with his anger. It would only start out as some telling (not at me) and storming around. Then his anger became directed toward me, deserving or not.
One event occured where he grabbed then pushed me and I hit my head, he showed no remorse. After this event, he seemed more comfortable putting his hands on me, this was 5 years into the relationship.
We had such wonderful days, then  would come along a bad one. I got accustomed to this. He is obviously still the person I fell in love with and still has more great days than bad ones. 
Time went on.
Things only got worse.
Bruises. Cuts. Concussions. Hospital visits.
Because of the length of time we spent together, I didnt want to throw all that time away.
Because he was nice sometimes, I always looked for the best in him.
Because I didn't leave, I got hurt.
All the excuses we use to protect the abuser, helps no one, and they ONLY GET WORSE.
-Kiersten B.










Clean or organize your environment

Get to a comfort location

Limit Amount Of Individuals Around You




Write a list of pros and cons for decisions
Write a list of goals
Write a list of strengths

Create a mental or physical list.

Things You Are Grateful For

Pick a color, count all the objects in the vicinity of that specific color

Brainstorm Solutions & Lower your expectations of the situation:

Compare To Situations you've experienced in the past.
How long did those take to resolve?
Was it as bad as you expected to be?

Keep an inspirational quote with you


Youtube Videos- Movitivational/ LEARN SOMETHING NEW


Eat healthy foods


Breathing: Pick An Amount of Time, 3,4,5 seconds
EXAMPLE FOR COUNT OF 3: Breathe In 1. 2. 3. Hold 1. 2. 3. Breathe Out 1. 2. 3. Hold 1. 2. 3. Repeat

Set up a consistent, healthy regiment.
RELENTLESS NATURE Can Provide, Send A Message and Our Trainers Can Assist

Set a distance- Or not: Just Get Out, Try To Set A Consistent Pace, And MOVE!

Go For A Drive


Serve Someone In Need
Care for or play with a pet
Encourage others
Be sure to make time for your loved ones
Give support to others when needed and accept support from others when needed


  1. Drugs
  2. Excessive alcohol
  3. Self-mutilation
  4. Ignoring or bottling up feelings
  5. Taking sedatives
  6. Taking stimulants
  7. Working too much
  8. Avoiding your problems
  9. Denial

Accept a challenge with a positive attitude