My motivation is not external.
My motivation is not based off of who is around me. Whether that be a large body builder or a beginning weight lifter, it doesn't matter. I don't care if you're next to me lifting heavier weights, more reps or anything like that. My motivation does not come from others telling me how well I'm doing, as wonderful as it is, its not what gets me through the grind. My motition does not come from the need to show off my muscles to others or flex in the gym for extended period of a time for attention.
My motivation is internal. 
My motivation stems from wanting to be the best individual that I can possibly be. My DNA is completely different from everyone on the face of the earth, I cannot compare my body side by side to anyone, nor should I.
My motivation comes from the idea that I deserve to experience my best self, I deserve the rewards of being extremely fit and athletic. 
My motivation comes from the dream of being my own HERO. WHICH I AM.

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